Daily Change™ App

Gamifying customers savings for financial health

Project Overview

While at Wells Fargo my first project was working on the Daily Change saving app. Daily Change's is a companion app for Wells Fargo customers to help them gamify their savings and help them make better financial decisions. Giving customers short term challenges and well as long term savings goals, we hope that they can take better control of their financial health by making regular deposits into their savings accounts.

How Daily Change Works

Daily Change works by having Wells Fargo customers set up two accounts - a checking and a savings. Upon signing into the app they can see both accounts balances and have the options to create a 1-week or 2-week savings challenge, create a long term goal, or just make a direct transfer into savings. By making these small transfers into customers savings accounts we hoped that it would incentivize them into making new spending patterns by seeing how much they can save in a short time. A financial tips section was also included to help customers discover additional ways to save money.


Challenges work by starting with a something simple — like customers brown-bagging their lunch for a week or reducing their commute costs. Each day of the challenge a push notification is sent to remind the customer to make their daily transfer. Each transfer will prefill with the desired amount to allow for a simple one-click verify and confirm process. Throughout the challenge users will receive a checkmark or an X to show their progress and at the end they receive a reward message appears along with a congratulations push notification.

Savings Goals

Saving Goals revolve around the customer creating a savings goal and setting a date — these include options like creating an emergency fund, setting aside money for a vacation, or paying down their debt. This goal is linked to the savings account. As their account balance grows, the closer they get to achieve the selected savings goal. A large dial on the home page monitors their progress and calculates how much more money is needed to reach their savings goal. A reward pop-up message appears along with a short animation when a savings goal is achieved.

My Role

I served as Visual Designer and created all mockups, visual presentations, assets and deliverables. I collaborated daily with the core team consisting of a project lead, producer, content strategist, interaction designer. In these collaborative sessions I helped in streamlining user flows with the Interaction designer to find the best path for our users, and helped the content strategist with finding concise language for readability. I also introduced animations and sounds for congratulations messages working closely with developers to implement these correctly.

Release and Reception

Daily Change was released to very positive app store reviews and a 4.5 star review on iTunes App Store and a 4.2 on GooglePlay.

Here’s the link to the app details.