About Me

Hi I'm Ben

I love to build awesome things that help people. In my career I've learned that a creative mindset, a keen eye, and the ability to adapt quickly will get you to the right solution. My approach to design focuses on this intersection of creativity, strategy, and teamwork.

I'm skilled at Product Design, UX/UI Design, Visual Design, Interaction Design, Process Design, Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Creative Concepting, Project Management, and Web Design. My experience in Product Design allows me to think strategically, my Visual Design skills allow me to produce high-fidelity designs quickly, and my UX experience helps me be empathetic to users so that they can feel in control.

When I'm not scribbling on whiteboards, discussing strategy, or staring at pixels, you can find me exploring the Bay Area's many hidden gems. I like digging for old soul records, exploring the the beautiful outdoors, riding my bike, experiencing live music, and making the best damn pickles west of the Mississippi.

If you'd like to discuss my work or any opportunities you may have, please reach out and let's chat.